💪 Earn by burning calories. $5 already at the start — the FITLICH application

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The topic move to eran has not yet lived out itself, although it is not so hyped anymore, it would seem that no one will be interested in sneakers and KOT-lets from Walken, but suddenly such an application appears that pays for your burned calories. Still quite young, but with great ambitions, a fitness application called FITLICH .

It has everything the average user needs for sports, namely: video lessons, calories burned statistics and the most interesting test, which add lively interest, which is already missing in the same STEPN, WALKEN or AGLET. You can make these challenges yourself, invite friends, form communities, groups, etc. And for all this, you will receive FBUTE crypto calories – they are real dollars in real life.

But, about everything in order. To begin, we need to download the application from Google Play , App Store . Then click on the Login/Register button and register through a Google account . This is important, at the time of writing the article, registration works correctly only through Google . Do not enter the phone number, do not wait for the SMS . Let’s attribute this to the fact that the project is at an early stage and we are pioneers in it.

After confirming the use of your Google account, you need to fill in the fields with the username and last name. Next, we will be asked to enter our height, weight and gender, and a little below we need to enter the referral code: 360602, which will help you earn a little more at the start. Immediately after clicking the Continue button, you will receive 100 FBUTE tokens , which is equivalent to $4.8 Not bad for a simple registration, right?

The next step is to give the app access to your fitness data, on iOS it’s Health Kit on Android Google Fit. So the program will see how many calories you have burned per day and, accordingly, will charge you some tokens for it.

Just walking won’t work, you need to do sports, complete daily tests, quests and competitions with friends, that’s the only way you can burn calories and get money for it. In my opinion, this is fair and really motivating. The application will help us in this, because it has video lessons of exercises, both with your own weight and with equipment. You can choose the load level and even choose a lesson for certain muscles.

Normal activity here is not the only way to earn a token, you can invite friends and you will receive a percentage of the earnings. As the icing on the cake, if you go to the settings section, an on-screen message prompts you to subscribe to the newsletter and participate in the upcoming NFT mint. It all looks hype, at least now, they offer money right away, but so far no way to withdraw it. People in cryptocurrency know that this is a normal phenomenon at the start of a project and we should not forget about the famous predecessors of this industry.

The app also has a paid subscription that allows you to get more, but we don’t recommend using these features yet. As they say: Do Your Own Research and be healthy!

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