👛 Binance Savings has added 8 new assets for perpetual savings

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BTS, GLMR, LEVER, MC, ONG, RIF, RARE and VIDT are now among the supported assets on the Binance Savings platform.

Perpetual savings provide an opportunity to create a crypto savings account: the selected asset begins to earn interest. In addition to the arbitrary term of the subscription, perpetual savings have another advantage, as the deal allows you to return your tokens at any time.

Binance Savings offers savings on 8 new coins (prices and % APR as of 13:00 July 27), including:

  • BitShares (BTS)
    1% APR
  • Moonbeam (GLMR)
    2% APR
  • LeverFi (LEVER)
    3% APR
  • Merit Circle (MC)
    2% APR
  • Ontology Gas (ONG)
    2% APR
  • RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF)
    1% APR
  • SuperRare (RARE)
    $ 0.274
    5% APR
  • VITT Datalink (
    VITT) $0.312
    1% APR
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