🎁 ua Win up to 25 BUSD by sending a Binance Gift Card

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Crypto exchange Binance has added UAH to Binance Gift Cards . To mark this event, Binance launched an activity for new users of gift cards from Ukraine.

A total of 10,000 BUSD will be drawn. The promotion will last until 04:59 on June 26, 2022 Kyiv time.

💥 How to participate?

To participate in this activity, new gift card users must complete one of the following tasks:

💎 Create and send your UAH gift card to at least one recipient during the activity period.

💎 Transfer UAH using a gift card to at least one recipient during the activity period.

Despite the fact that there are no restrictions on the value of gift cards in UAH, they must be activated by recipients before the end of the promotion. Only in this case the sender will be entitled to receive rewards.

Only 650 gift cards will be available for this activity. Every 10th user who completes at least one of the above tasks will be eligible to receive up to 25 BUSD in gift cards.

This promotion is only available to Binance users from Ukraine .

Rewards will be distributed in gift cards to the email address linked to the user’s Binance UID one week after the activity ends. Users whose email address is not linked to a UID will not be rewarded.

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