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Hatathon is a creative and technical marathon that takes place online, when each participant works from home. The third Hatathon for representatives of the creative sphere and IT, which this year was dedicated to the theme of NFT, has ended: the event brought together 1,606 participants for 12 days of networking and learning. 43 mentors helped 216 teams and individual participants present their works in the digital world.

As a result, 106 creatives were submitted for evaluation by the jury, of which 13 made it to the finals. The finalists presented their works live, after which the jury chose 6 winners who will receive cash prizes from 500 to 2000 euros. We talk about the most interesting projects of Hatathon 3.0: NFT Edition among the winners and other participants.

Ukrainian swearing on the blockchain

The first place was won by Shobtobi ‘s creativity of the “River River Otter” team, who offered to engrave Ukrainian slang in 100 audiovisual NFTs. Ukrainians use more and more specific vocabulary, and cursing is no exception. After all, it is also a social phenomenon and a part of national identity.

The visual basis of the design was taken from the Cossack cursive script, the Cyrillic script of the 17th century, which was used in the times of the Zaporizhzhya Sich, and it was slightly modernized. The vector illustrations are planned to be reproduced in the ASCII code format in order to literally write the Ukrainian swear word into the code of the token and save it forever on the blockchain.

The text part is planned to be voiced by the voices of famous Ukrainians. So when a foreigner buys a unique token, he can immediately learn the phrase. And from all NFTs, a whole dictionary will gradually be formed for deepening knowledge.

The team will donate the money from the sale to charity — the team plans to help the cultural and psychological rehabilitation of Ukrainians. Another tool of charity is the Tobi Grets bot, which will work as a money bank and monitor the use of swear words of Russian origin. At the end of each month, it will offer the user to donate as many hryvnias to charity as the number of times the user has been fined. So if you’re going to swear, let the whole world switch to fierce Ukrainian swearing.

Ukrainian children’s vision of the future

“The future of Ukraine through the eyes of children” is a creative of the Kyiv Deer team, which took third place at the Hatathon. This is an NFT collection, where each of the works is the answer of Ukrainian children to the question of how they see the future.

Children’s ability to dream without limits, to see the incredible in simple things and to invent fantastic stories was turned into an art object – each story comes to life with the help of visual storytelling elements. The 30-second stories are recorded in NFT: the funds collected from the sale of the collection will go to the Children’s Voices Foundation to help children affected by war.

“We support children’s fantasies about a happy future, fix them in the form of art objects and hope that these fantasies will come true,” team members say.

10 thousand Ukrainian bees

Bee Ukrainian Collection is Ukrainian characters from the past and present, reproduced in the form of bees. In order to create 10,000 NFTs, the authors developed 120 variants and an infinite number of combinations of features to make each bee unique. The characters include a bee Cossack from the past, a bee protector of the present, and a bee from the future.

Characters of Boris Johnson, Elon Musk, Angelina Jolie, Jared Leto and other foreign friends of Ukraine who supported Ukrainians in the fight for victory are also planned to be added to the collection.

The charitable goal of the project is to raise funds to save the lives of small Ukrainians who suffered during the full-scale enemy invasion of Ukraine.

Creativity that fills the void of war

Bohdan Chepovyi was engaged in 3D modeling in his peaceful life, and since the second day of the invasion he has been defending Ukraine. It was during his service that he started creating the photo project Creativity in the void — about the emptiness that war brings, as well as about creativity, which can inspire even in the midst of the most terrible events.

“During a devastating war, standing on guard in the ranks of TrO, it is simply necessary to look to the future, to look for light in the midst of darkness, and this light is creativity,” says Bohdan. Defending his native Kyiv, the author noted: being in a city you know well, where you grew up and live, during the war you begin to notice even what is under your feet.

So it was while on duty in places where he would hardly have visited in peacetime that the author took the first photos of his legs in military shoes. The idea allowed taking snapshots for memory without disclosing the location or level of protection of the fortifications. When a lot of photos were collected, Bohdan decided to make a collection of them – now it has more than 500 NFTs posted on OpenSea.

Virtual NFT chain of unity

A living chain is a symbol of the unity of people around one global idea. Creative Human NFT chain presents its vision of the idea of ​​unity in the digital sphere, important for Ukrainians, with a charitable purpose.

According to the idea, especially for the project Human NFT chain: From Lisbon to Lysychansk, artists “from Lisbon to Lysychansk” will create paintings depicting hands and Ukrainian ethnic symbols. Each NFT will consist of two parts, a combination of right and left hands, depicted in paintings by different artists, seemingly holding each other.

The handshake as a symbol of support and unity is also reflected in the charitable component of the project: 80% of the sale will be used by the team to purchase Esper Bionics robotic hand prostheses for soldiers who were wounded at the front. The idea of ​​Human NFT chain made it to the finals of Hatathon.

Presentations of all finalists can be viewed in a live recording on YouTube.

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