🇺🇦 Binance and the Ministry of Digital will give scholarships to 1000 Ukrainians to study IT specialties

Incryptico » 🇺🇦 Binance and the Ministry of Digital will give scholarships to 1000 Ukrainians to study IT specialties
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Binance, together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, announced the launch of a new large-scale IT Generation project from the Binance Charity Foundation.

As part of the partnership, Binance Charity will allocate $1 million in BUSD to provide scholarships to at least 1,000 Ukrainians for training in IT specialties.

The main goal of IT Generation is to help talented Ukrainians find themselves in one of the most promising fields, to continue working and developing the Ukrainian economy for the sake of victory and a successful future of our country.

Applications from schools will be accepted in July. And already in August — from everyone who wants to.

🧨 Learn more about the IT Generation project

The courses will be conducted by licensed Ukrainian EdTech companies, including ITEA and Beetroot, which together have already trained more than 20,000 graduates.

Students will be able to choose an offline or online learning format convenient for them and will receive a personalized certified learning system consisting of a combination of coursework and exams. Courses will be taught by qualified professional teachers from the IT industry.

Citizens of Ukraine aged 21 to 60 at the time of application will be able to participate in the project. Applicants must meet the following requirements: they must not have an IT education or work experience in the IT field. Any other education or work experience is allowed.

Participants will be able to choose any available course listed on the company’s website, who will teach it, and which meets the following criteria:

🎯 The course should last at least 2 months and no more than 6 months.
🎯 Online or offline format for groups or individual training.
🎯 The cost of the course is no more than $250 per month and no more than $1,000 for the full course
🎯 Project load — no less than 4 hours per week

Among all available areas, participants will have the opportunity to study:
Blockchain Development, FrontEnd, QA, JavaScript, Python, Java, as well as non-technical programs: ProjectProduct Management, UX/UI design, Digital Marketing, Business Analysis, HR.

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